Japanese Driver's License

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 As of June 1, 2002 all foreigners living in Japan for more than 12 months will be required to have a valid Japanese driver's license. Please click The Embassy of the United States in Japan to view the new requirements for foreigners driving in Japan. So what does this mean for a foreigner who has been living in Japan for more than 12 months and only uses the international driving permit? It means that foreigner is driving illegally.

 According to Japanese law, if a person is caught driving without a valid license that person is subject to a 300,000 yen fine or up to a year in jail. Also, if you are in an accident without a valid Japanese driver's license the insurance company will only cover the costs for the 3rd party and none for the car and/or policy holder.

 Our company has been created to assist foreigners in the Fukuoka area (who already have a valid driver's license from their home country) in getting their Japanese driver's license. One of our representatives will assist you in the Japanese driver's license process.

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